Day To Know Your Name

I could not ask anything.

I saw one boy in my school.
He was shorter than me, but so cute.
I wanted to ask his name, but I felt shy.
So, I was looking at him, far away somewhere.

He was playing with a soccer ball.
When he saw me, he passed the ball to me.
He smiled and called my name, then asked me to kick.
At that time, my body was frozen away.

How could he know my name, mommy?
Why did he smile at me?
I feel dizzy with pink.

Why did you pass the ball to me?
Why did you call my name?
How did you know my name?

But, I could not ask you anything.
Fever on my face, your smile.
Today is not good to know your name.

I saw the ball stopped by my side.
I ignored it, and turned my back.
He started to walk to me slowly, and my heart beat.
So, I was looking at only the ground and sky.

He might be smiling again.
When he got near me, he whistled.
I was startled, so I looked at him with shaking eyes.
At that time, he just winked at me.

How could he whistle so, daddy?
Why did he winked at me?
I feel dizzy with pink.

Let me check if this pink heartbeat can calm down.